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Unit 5: Business & Marketing

Course Introduction

Now that you’ve mastered the techniques & skills to design a beautiful wedding or event, the next step is to make your services available to those who need it! 

Starting a small business is never easy. You will have to wear many hats and be persistent in your work ethic, following up with potential clients, marketing & social media, all the while staying competitive with the local market.  

Even though it’s not easy, it’s not impossible either! And the freedom and satisfaction of running your own business is most definitely worth the effort.

In this Unit we will review client consultations, how to promote your business & services, ensure you have the proper contracts and protections in place, how to price your services and finally how to stay up to date on wedding & event industry trends & patterns! 

Key Terms

Social Media: Networks like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram where you can build an online presence, connect with potential clients & promote your business. 

Expenses: Cost of running your business that can be potentially tax-deductible. 

Digital Marketing: Advertising your business on the internet or social media using various methods. 

E-mail Marketing: Advertising your business via specially crafted e-mails. 

Portfolio: A catalog of your work that showcases your business & skills. 

Networking: Connecting with other people in your industry, helpful when trying to cross-promote services. 

Search Engine: Websites like Google and Bing that can help customers find your business.

Consultations: Meeting with potential clients to discuss their needs and explain your services. 

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