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Unit 3: Table Decor & Draping

Course Introduction

In this Unit we will review traditional table drapings plus centerpiece design, table decor and how to create a cohesive table top design with a consistent theme or feel.

Tables come in many shapes and sizes and understanding the layout for the event, the types & sizes of table linens needed, plus how the table decor & draping works with the rest of the event is critical to creating a design that flows through-out the event.

During the table top design portion it is important to let your creativity out, and is one of the most versatile areas of design, often including floral elements along side candles, votives, and other decor to create a truly unique design!

Key Terms

Table Draping: decorating the perimeter of a table with fabric to enhance it’s appearance. 

Satin Swag: A type of table draping that uses satin to create a swag of fabric, typically on the front of the table, very similar to a valance. 

Tablecloth over Tablecloth: Using two tablecloths on a single table to create a layered look. 

Rhinestone Banding: A bejeweled piece of fabric that typically attaches via velcro table clips to the upper perimeter of a table. 

Table Skirting: A specialized fabric that is attached to a table via table clips, often offering a textured or unique look you can’t achieve with standard sheer or satin.  

Speciality Table: A type of table that services a specific purpose at a wedding or event, such as a guestbook table or or gift able. 

Chair Covers: A specially sewed piece of fabric that is designed to go over banquet chairs to create a specific look or feel. 

Centerpiece: A decor item that is typically placed in the center of the reception tables.

Tabletop Design: The decor elements of a table surrounding the centerpiece, such as charger plates, napkin rings, candles & more. 

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