Creative Assignment – Unit 2

Unit 2: Ceiling Draping & Decor

⮱ Creative Assignment – Unit 2

Lesson Introduction

Lesson Steps

You should now be open to the concept of ceiling drape designs. As an event designer, you have to not only consider your design at eye level, but also what’s going on above! As you add this dimension you create visual interest that draws the eyes upward and further enhances your overall design.

For this assignment, you will be creating a pinterest board with different types of ceiling draping and ceiling draping alternatives. Make sure you include a drop ceiling, tent ceiling and a barn type or industrial setting in your inspiration photo selections.

Lesson Assignment

  1. Explore for design inspiration photos of ceiling draping and ceiling draping alternatives.  Key words could be:
    -drop ceiling drape
    -tent ceiling
    -barn ceiling drape
    -industrial ceiling drape

  2. Sign in to your pinterest account (you’ve already got one set up from your Unit 1 project).

  3. Choose a minimum of 10 photos that incorporate ceiling draping. The options are endless!

  4. Pin the photos you like by clicking the red button on the top right of the picture that says Save. Once you click this, you’ll be prompted to choose a board.

  5. Click Create a Board and title it Ceiling Draping Inspiration.

  6. Once you’ve got at least 10 photos pinned to your board, click the top right button that looks like a person. This will take you to your boards. Click your Ceiling Draping Inspiration board.  Copy (ctrl c) the website link from the top of the webpage and paste (ctrl v) into your document for this project.
    The link will look something like this:

  7. In a word document, paste (ctrl v) your pinterest board link. Save this document in your IWED folder (in your documents folder of your computer) and name the file with your first and last name and project 2 (Format: Cynthia Bijulisingh Project 2).

  8. From the IWED lesson page, click Upload Assignment at the bottom of the lesson. Choose your Project 2 assignment. Click Open and then click the Upload button.

  9. Sit back. Take a deep breath. You’ve completed Unit 2!